Using the Pneumo Pro  How to put the Pneumo Pro together  An introduction to using the Pneumo Pro for Improving Flute Tone

Beginning Flute Tone  Creative Ideas for Teaching a Young Beginner  Embouchure (First of 7 Lessons from Great Beginnings for the New Flutist 

Transforming your Flute Playing with the Pneumo Pro (Singing and Playing, Harmonics, Tonguing, Dynamics, and Extended Technique) Full Spectrum Tone on the Flute  Dangerously Difficult Harmonics (Advanced High School or University Students) Using Baby Shark  Baby Shark Harmonics (2nd year students through advanced)  Jingle Bells Harmonic Exercises (2nd year students through advanced)   Sleigh Ride Harmonics (2nd year students through advanced) Scaredy Cat Harmonics (Beginning to Advanced Students)  Using the Pneumo Pro to improve Dynamic Changes and Pitch   Using the Pneumo Pro for Extended Techniques  Using the Pneumo Pro for double tonguing and learning Mendelsohn’s  Scherzo.   Dr. Cassandra Eisenreich explains how to use the Pneumo Pro to learn how to play with dynamics on the flute. Flute Tone and Air Direction with Nina Perlove   Daily Exercises to for Downtime in Band Rehearsals 

Transforming Your Flute Playing During Rehearsals (or on the go.)   Develop Beautiful Clear Flute Tone during Rehearsals with the Pneumo  Double and Single Tonguin Practice with the Pneumo Pro Using the Pneumo Pro during Rehearsals: The Set-Up  Flute Flexibility Using the Pneumo Pro during Rehearsals Learn Excellent Flute Tuning and Dynamics Using the Pneumo Pro

Great Foundations for the New Flutist    What are the benefits and pitfalls of starting new flutists in both the low and high octaves?


Get Inspired!   Arabesque  The students in this video are using Di Zhao Flutes.   Samson et Dalila: Bacchanale for Beatbox flute choir by Saint-Saens arr. Christopher Kuhns  (Average age of 11!)  Listen to these wonderful Di Zhao Flutes played by students.  KinderFlute Kids playing Choco Fest by Satoshi Yagisawa   Upper elementary students play Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto  Silent Night arranged by Diane Whitacre  Single Yellow Line Flute Choir by Gareth McLearnon played by students playing Blocki Flutes and Di Zhao flutes.

Changing Your Tempo on YouTube   Changing tempo on YouTube with the Transpose extension   How to speed up or slow down tempo on YouTube  

KinderFlute   KinderFlute Games main video on KinderFlute link